About the JJBS

The Jewish Joint Burial Society (JJBS), founded in 1969, provides funerals for synagogue members as part of the benefits of belonging to a synagogue. Currently JJBS covers over 17,000 members in 37 synagogues (27 Reform, 6 Masorti, 2 Liberal and 2 Independent).

JJBS has burial rights at Western Cemetery at Cheshunt in Hertfordshire which primarily serves London synagogues; in the rest of the country synagogues use dedicated Jewish areas in municipal cemeteries. In 2011, JJBS acquired additional land adjacent to the Western Cemetery in Cheshunt, to create the Woodland Cemetery.

When a member dies in the London area, the JJBS, in conjunction with the synagogue, makes all the arrangements for the funeral, whether it is a burial or a cremation, and covers the basic cost of the funeral. Outside London, the JJBS reimburses the synagogue for the cost of the funeral up to a fixed amount which will provide a substantial contribution toward the cost of the funeral.