The Woodland Cemetery

flowersThe Woodland Cemetery allows members to choose to be buried in an environmentally-friendly way, in a beautiful natural environment, surrounded by newly planted trees and instead of a large costly headstone, a small memorial plaque is used. The burial can include a coffin made from plain wood, bamboo or wicker - which decompose naturally.

For the first time, JJBS can arrange to bury Jews with their non-Jewish partners in line with the fundamental progressive Jewish value of inclusiveness. These burials take place in double-depth graves in either the woodland or lawn sections of the Cemetery.

The Woodland Cemetery includes a modern prayer hall planned for construction in 2013/2014 and will be built of environmentally friendly materials. The site will also include a columbarium built in a separate landscaped area where cremated remains may be interred with a memorial plaque, a facility not possible in the Western Cemetery.
Members can pay tribute to a loved one by helping to sponsor the costs of construction of either the prayer hall or the columbarium and memorial garden.

Commenting on the revolutionary new woodland cemetery, Rabbi Paul Freedman of the Assembly of Reform Rabbis UK said:

Woodland burials meet all the halachic requirements for a Jewish burial and also help us to perform the mitzvah of Bal Tashchit . By developing a series of laws designed to improve the environmental quality of life, we are beginning to turn the negative meaning of this mitzvah: 'you shall not destroy', into the positive command 'you shall maintain'.