Values Statement

Core Values 1

Jewish attitudes towards the deceased person

The work of the Society is guided in the first instance by long held Jewish attitudes towards the deceased person:

1. Respect for the deceased person

  • Respect is shown in both negative and positive ways:
    • There is no ill treatment of the deceased person who must be protected from any form of physical harm.
    • The deceased person is treated with reverence. The traditional ceremony and ritual of washing and dressing the body known as Tahara should be conducted wherever possible.

2. Promptness of the funeral

  • The funeral should take place as soon as is practicable, preferably the day after the death.

3. Equality in death

  • All deceased persons, men, and women, and of whatever background, are treated equally both in preparations before the funeral and in the conduct of the funeral. For example, all deceased persons are placed in a similar plain coffin.

Jewish status of the deceased person

Funerals are provided to members of the constituent (member) synagogues and their dependents, to others who are Jewish but not members of constituent synagogues, and also to non-Jewish partners of those who so eligible.

Following the advice of the member synagogues’ Rabbis

In the religious aspects of its work the Society respects and acts on the views of the Rabbis of the constituent synagogues either individually or through their respective Rabbinic councils.

Core Values 2

Constituent (member) synagogue communities

The primary task of the Society is to provide funeral and related services to the members of its constituent (member) synagogue communities.

The key principles concerning membership are:

  • Individual membership is only available via a constituent synagogue community.
  • All members of the synagogues that are in JJBS must become members of JJBS.
  • Synagogue communities who are not currently in the Society may apply to be so.

Finances and resources of the Society

The Society aims to be a “fully funded” scheme by managing its finances to ensure that there are adequate resources for the funerals and maintenance of the cemeteries for at least the expected lifetimes of the members of its constituent synagogues. The Society applies all care and diligence in the safe and proper management of its funds.

Other Values

Choice of type of funeral

A choice of type of funeral is offered, namely, burial at Cheshunt, the Woodland Cemetery and other locations, or cremation.

The next-of-kin of the deceased and other relatives and friends

The Society relates to the next-of-kin with sympathy, compassion and understanding

The employed staff of the Society

The Society treats its employees with respect and fairness, provides a good working environment and level of recompense, recognising that the staff are critical not only in the delivery of the Society’s services but in determining how the Society is perceived by the Jewish community which it serves.

The Society does not show any form of discrimination, recognising that it is a Jewish organisation.

Suppliers and contractors

The Society treats its suppliers and contractors such as undertakers with respect and ensures that all dealing with them are fair and honest.

The wider Jewish community and to society

The Society contributes to the wider Jewish community and to society generally both financially within the limits of its available resources and where appropriate by expressing support and solidarity.

The environment

The Society manages its cemeteries and other operations with the utmost respect and consideration for the environment.


The Society respects and appreciates the volunteers who give of their time to the Society.

Registered charity and company

The Society conforms to the requirements of a UK registered charity and complies with all relevant company law.